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Is Pilates Right For You?

Are you at your wits end, frustrated with jumping from one fitness program to another?

If you’ve struggled in the past…merely daydreaming about the healthy fit body you want— Then you’re in for some great NEWS!

Our dynamic program gives you a Sexy Fit Physique, Stronger Core, Better Posture, Cinched Waistline, Improved Physical Performance, and Increased Muscle Endurance with a workout that fits your style and taste.

Does it Work?

Our specific method is quite simple, there’s no gimmicks or tricks about it.  It makes perfect sense once you think about it.

Here’s Why:

  • You have stress, which produces the fat hormone “cortisol” the culprit to belly fat.
  • A hectic busy schedule, there’s no time to get in shape.
  • Diet is hard to stick to especially if you have kids.
  • Exercising in a traditional gym never gave you the results you wanted.
  • Can’t motivate yourself to workout.

Whether you are a novice to Pilates, advanced or a top fitness athlete, this Pilates system has been crafted for any fitness level.

Why Chino Hills Pilates Works!

  • You Shut Down Your Fat Hormones – With the varied body firming exercises coupled in a fun environment you’ll burn more calories and release happy endorphins reducing your stress.
  • The perfect combination of fat burning interval cardio training and full body dynamic movements. You’ll save money and time while defining your midsection, slimming down your thighs and firming your booty.
  • No Ridiculous Dieting – You’re given a nutritional guideline to follow and support from our supportive Pilates coaches.
  • Target Trouble Spots – Stubborn spots like your saddlebags, hips and thighs…You can’t get that at a typical gym.
  • Feel energized and revived after your Pilates workout – You walk out feeling taller, firmer and excited you came.  Your body will feel and look stronger, firm, lengthened and stretched.
  • MOTIVATION! – That’s a big one! You get the support and motivation from everyone at the studio.  Our Pilates community encourages you from the minute you walk in.

CTA Pilates1