Chino & Chino Hills Ca, Fitness Instructor will prove to you that the Pilates Body Secret will reshape your body and get rid of your trouble spots!

Hottest New Pilates Workout Combines Fat Melting Body Weight Workouts On Pilates Reformers To Slim, Tone And Tighten Your Physique Without Getting Bulky!


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“We Are Serious About Getting Rid Of Your Stomach
Pooch And Saddlebags And Give You That Firm
Bootie That You Can Bounce A Quarter Off Of!”

Let Me Ask You A Question, Have You Felt…

  • Trouble spots that just wont go away (like those saddle-bags)
  • Getting injured at those other places and you have to take time off to heal all the while you gain more weight.
  • Being self-conscious with how your body looks and feels
  • Embarrassing stomach bulge and a flabby body
  • Meat market gyms that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Unrealistic Diets
  • Busy with work, life, kids
  • Turning off your stress hormones that make you store fat
  • Being frustrated with finding a workout that really works!
Dear Friend,My name is Sylvia Favela and I’m excited to bring you the only Fat Burning, Body Toning Pilates Fitness Studio in Chino Hills. Our carefully crafted workout will tone and firm your body without making you thick and bulky so you can feel good about yourselfI’m a mom of a eight year old awesome boy, so I don’t have a lot of time to workout and discovering my Pilates Body Secret came about by accident.

And it was a good thing it did

You see, my “Female” and stress hormones reeked havoc on my body, I struggled with losing weight and trying to maintain a balanced metabolism. I was so frustrated that I was ready to give up all hope in ever having a slim toned body.

One day after getting out of the shower I finally had it! I was so disgusted and humiliated looking at myself in the mirror and said, “Enough is Enough!” I devoted my life to finding the solution to having a the healthy, toned body I always dreamed of and finally feeling and looking good.

And what I discovered worked a miracle for me.

Let me explain….

The Best Part About Our Chino Hills Pilates Fitness Studio Is

I use to train in a traditional gym setting and I got thick and bulky. Feeling humiliated with how I looked I was desperate to find a solution, after discovering the Pilates Body Secret, and working with their Pilates Instructors my entire body changed. I finally got the lean toned Body I always wanted. I highly recommend the Pilates Fitness BootCamp It changed my life!!!

Chino, Ca

I never felt confident with how my body looked, until I came to the Pilates  Fitness Boot Camp. I have “A Slim Waistline”, my body felt tighter, I lost 2 pant sizes and I was getting compliments.

Natalie K. – Med Student
Chino Hills, Ca

“My Stomach Is More Defined!”

After years working out in a gym my body never changed but in only 4 session, my stomach is more defined and my hips and thighs are leaner & toned and I lost 2 inches off my waistline.Thank you Pilates Fitness BootCamp! I Love How My Body Looks!

Jessica June – Model
Chino Hills, CA

Once I tried the Pilates Fitness BootCamp I was addicted (in a good way), I lost 2 pant sizes in 8 weeks my arms, hips and thighs are slimmer and toned this is the place to be to get in shape

Caycie W. – Student
Chino Hills, CA

The Pilates Fitness Boot Camp whipped me into shape! My body has completely changed, my jeans are loser and my arms toned and lean.

Karen L – Administrator
Phillips Ranch, CA

“I Got A Firmer BUTT!”

My body is lean and toned. My Butt is firmer and lifted. The Pilates Instructors are Great they are motivating and Push you to reach your goals!

Pilates Fitness BootCamp You Rock!

Erika D. – Executive
Chino, CA

With a busy schedule I almost lost all hope to ever getting fit again. Working out at the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp I now a 6-pack unimaginable after 2 kids!!!! I’m longer and leaner, I have muscle definition without being bulky all this is half the time it would take me trying to workout in a gym, I highly recommend it!

Cecile W. – Operations Manager
Chino Hills, CA

I used to workout in a gym and it aggravated my knee and I hurt all over. I started at the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp and it was the best decision I ever made. I’m pain free, I’m leaner and toned. I dropped 2 inches off my waistline. The Pilates instructors genuinely care about you

Diane J. – Salon Owner
Chino, CA

“After 2 Kids I Got A 6-Pack”

After having my 2 kids I needed to flatten my Abs. With a busy schedule I didn’t have alot of time to workout. At the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp I got my flat abs but best of all I have a 6-pack. My abs look better now than they ever did. I’m lovin’ my body!

Michelle D. – Mom
Chino Hills, CA

I had 5 stubborn pounds to lose. My body wasn’t changing no matter what I tried. Once I came to the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp I couldn’t believe how fast I dropped the 5 pounds and I had muscle definition in places I never had before. I’m abs are more defined and leaner. I love the Combination of Pilates and Cardio, it really kicks my butt!! I love it

Karen M. – Senior Sales
Chino Hills, Ca

“My Arms & Body Are More Defined”

After trying hundreds of different workouts I was frustrated not seeing results that was until I started at the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp. I Immediately noticed changes, my Arms & Abs are defined and my clothes are falling off me I’m hooked… I wont go anywhere else!

Lisa S. – Bartender
Chino Hills, CA

“I Went From A Size 32 to 29!”

I had to get ready for my wedding in 3 months the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp in chino hills whipped me into Shape. Their Pilates Body Secret Is truly a miracle!

Thank you Pilates Fitness Boot Camp I’m going to look hot in my wedding dress

Gabby M. – Bartender
Chino Hills, CA

“I’ve Gotten Rid Of My Trouble Spots!”

I lost 2 inches off my waistline My arms are toned and defined without being bulky, I’m lovin’ my body! This Pilates Fitness Boot Camp is serious about getting you in shape.

Jenny R. – Accountant
Chino Hills, CA

“My Body Isn’t Flabby Anymore!”

After having my son I was lose and flabby All over. The Pilates Fitness Boot Camp gave me back my body. I now have toned arms and abs in only 8 weeks and my body is still changing. The Pilates Instructors here really know how to work you.

Wida K. – Creative Director
Chino, CA

“I’m Not Embarrassed About My Body!”

I used to feel humiliated about how my body looked. Not anymore …with the Pilates Body Secret I lost 3 inches off my waistline. I’m leaner and I feel great in my swimsuit at the pool. I’m more energized and I feel stronger.

Jen N. – Real Esate Agent
Chino Hills, CA

“I’m Not Embarrassed About My Body!”

I have battled with low back pain and at Pilates Fitness Boot Camp The Pilates instructors kept close attentio to me that not only did I get rid of the pain but I stand Taller and I lost 2 inches on my waistline.

I Love it Here!

Sarah – Account Executvie
Chino Hills, CA

When I stumbled upon my Pilates Body Secret and applied it to myself I lost 40 pounds of baby weight and the left over stubborn weight just started to melt off. This can also work for you but only if you call now and don’t hesitate because it’ll only lead to packing on those Unwanted pounds and feeling miserable about how you look. Don’t wait another minute and call (909) 295-6367

Sylvia F. – Certified Pilates Instructor – Pilates Director
Chino Hills Pilates & Yoga
Chino Hills, CA

“My Husband Loves What He Sees!”

I’ve worked out in gyms and would always got thick and bulky. When I started at the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp it changed my entire body, I’m toned and have more muscle definition and my butt Is firmer. My butt is firmer. My husband Loves how my body looks!

Linda R. – Mom
Chino Hills, CA

“I Have More Energy & I Love How My Body Looks…”

After two kids I never thought I would Get in shape. The Pilates Fitness Boot Camp has completely changed my physique. I have muscle definition in my arms and my stomach is flat and toned.

I love how I look!

Liz Y. – Manager
Chino Hills, CA

“I Use To Hate Exercising Until I Came Here….”

“I’m 55 and I never had to work out until I noticed my skin was flabby. I started exercising at the Pilates Fitness BootCamp and I feel great! They make it fun and the results are amazing.
I lost weight and have muscle definition in my arms and my entire body.

Gayle D. – Flight Attendant
Chino, CA

“I Can Keep Up With My 5 Year Old!”

I have tried a lot of workouts but at the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp, my endurance has increased, I more flexible & increased muscle tone, I lost 3 inches on my waist. The Pilates instructors are amazing and very motivating.

Mary L. – Physical Therapist
Chino Hills, CA

“I Have To Pin My Pants!”

Before coming to the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp I thought I would have just deal with the stubborn pounds I couldn’t shed. Once I started I noticed changes immediately… My arms are more defined and stronger. My waistline and hips and thighs have slimmed.

Nicole D. – Executive
Chino Hills, CA

“Stacy Was Able To Drop 2 Inches Off Her Waistline…”

At the Pilates Fitness Boot Camp I redefined and reshaped my body completely! My waistline shrunk 2 inches and counting within the first two months and the definition on my abs was amazing. I was so excited and could not believe the results.

You just can’t beat it!!”

Stacy D. – Account Executive
Chino Hills, CA

15360 Fairfield Ranch Road
Chino Hills, CA 91709


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So what is this Pilates Body Secret
and How Does It Work?

I’m Glad You Asked…

My Pilates Body Secret is quite simple, there is nothing mysterious about it. It makes perfect sense once you think about it.

Here’s why:

  • You have stress (produces the fat hormone cortisol)
  • To busy with work and life to get fit
  • Diet is hard to stick to especially if you have kids
  • Water retention because of female hormones
  • Exercising in a traditional gym never gave you the results you wanted

That’s Just Why My Pilates Body Secret Works!

You shut down your fat hormones because exercising on a spring loaded floor burns more calories and releases happy endorphins it reduces your stress level So you stop can storing fat in your stomach hips and thighs.
Because my Pilates Body Secret fuses fat melting cardio and full body firming and toning… You’ll save time by toning and defining you muscles, burning fat and flatten and slim down your stomach.
No Diets…just a loose easy to follow nutritional guideline to follow and you will sweat and burn off the rest in your heart pumping workout.
Once a month you feel heavy, bloated and yucky… Your fat burning cardio wont let you retain the water, you’ll sweat it out and your Pilates workout not only takes away the discomfort of being bloated but it’ll flatten your stomach.
The Pilates Body Secrets targets stubborn spots like your saddlebags, hips and thighs and defines the female physique…that you can’t get in a typical gym.
You feel energized and revived after your Pilates Body workout… Your body will feel and look strong, firm, lengthened and stretched out so you wont every get the feeling of being bulky or stiff.

You Need To Think About
Something For A Minute!

Just imagine yourself healthy and looking toned if you could finally stop struggling with:

  • Not having enough time
  • Workouts that don’t target your stubborn spots
  • Fat hormones
  • Boring cardio workouts

How amazing would you feel!

Even My Son Jonah is Excited To Get You Fit!


15360 Fairfield Ranch Road
Chino Hills, CA 91709


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Risk Free 30 Day “You Better See Results Or We Won’t Keep a Dime” Money Back Guarantee!

I am so confident that you will enjoy the program, And see a dramatic improvement in the way you look and feel, and have lots of fun doing it, that I am offering you a full 30 days to try out the Pilates Power Boot Camp.

Join today and try us out for 30-days. If at any time during your first 30 days (more than enough time) you don’t feel that this program is right for you for any reason, Just let me know and I will issue full refund, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

Fair enough?

If you are slightly interested in losing fat and experiencing just how Pilates can drastically reshape and tone your body then this is the program for you.

So stop this craziness and finally let the “SUPERWOMEN” in you shine!!!! You’ve got what it takes to make it happen, allow me to lend you my hand, and lead you through each step to being the FABULOUS, FIT, SEXY you!

Yes I’m ready for new and exciting Pilates Body workout
Yes I’m ready for results in 30 days or my money back
Yes I’m ready to shut down my fat storage hormones
Yes I’m ready to look and feel good
Yes I’m ready to say “Goodbye” to my trouble spots
Yes I’m ready to put all the risk on your shoulders

As long and you take action and are committed to letting that Sexy
in you shine then I believe you simple cannot lose.

Sylvia, I’m Ready, How Much Does It Cost
And How Do I Get Started!

If you were to work with me or anyone of my Pilates instructors one-on-one you’d pay at least $606-$750/month. Even if you worked with a mediocre Pilates instructor you’d easily pay at least $400/month.

And you’d be hard pressed to find a Pilates instructor out there who would put her money where her mouth is and guarantee your results like I do.

But the good news is that you won’t pay anywhere near what the typical Pilates Instructor charges for one-on-one training.

3833 Schaefer Ave Ste.N
Chino, Ca 91710


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Your Friend,

My Pilates Studio, Pilates Fitness Studio,
15360 Fairfield Ranch Rd, Suite C
Chino Hills, CA 91709
(909) 295-6367

Spots will fill up fast – Call (909) 295-6367 Today!

P.S. Pamper yourself… You work hard… You owe it to yourself. So just Do It!!!

Consider this: you can only benefit from my Pilates Body Secret by taking action right now.

YOU CAN DO THIS! You can make This Pilates Body Secret work for you. Just let me “prove it” to you over the next 7 days. By calling  (909) 295-6367 ‎ right now.

But Hurry, space is limited!

Remember, your success is totally guaranteed! Now who’s taking all the risk?

P.P.P.P.S. 30 days from now you will be one month older and maybe 5 to 10 pounds heavier… Or… You can treat yourself to just 1 hour of me time 2-3 days per week and in 30 days you could be 5 to 10 pounds lighter and one month closer to your goal of being your best, healthy toned you…the choice is yours… ? decide which one you’d rather be in 30 days. Make sure to make the right choice And call (909) 295-6367